NOTE: This is a 5 week FDE Event. 

Join us in the Precision Machning Lab, where we will learn the basics of what CNC machining is over a 5 week FDE program. Will learn how to use Fusion 360 for CAD/ CAM applications as well as how to setup and run a CNC program on a Haas CNC milling center. 


Students attending the Titans of CNC FDE will recieve and intorductory lessons to Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). In addition, students will learn the basics of operating a CNC milling center to complete the final part drawn using Fusion 360 CAD.  All students will be provided Educational Access to Fusion 360 to be used on their personal computers, as well as lab computers. 

Participation Requirments

  • Good understanding of basic computer function
  • Passion to learn how things are made
  • Able to work safely in a manufacturing enviornment
  • Proper clothing: Long Pants, closed toe shoes (boots prefered), safety glasses (provided) no long sleeves/ hoodies (when operating machines)
  • Commit  to attend ALL 5 FDE Events. 



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D. Russel Lee

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