Learn about your body and the skill of sketchnoting. In this session we will listen to Body Stuff  (a podcast) presented by Dr. Jen Gunter and create a sketchnote.


Body Stuff with Jen Gunter: A New Podcast from the TED Audio Collective Premiers

Body Stuff with Dr. Jen Gunter, the newest podcast from the TED Audio Collective, launched on May 19. Body Stuff will bust the lies you’re told — and sold — about your personal health. Body Stuff is hosted by celebrated OB/GYN, pain medicine physician and TED speaker Dr. Jen Gunter, who has made it her mission to combat health misinformation online and isn’t afraid to take on the world’s biggest peddlers of it — from lotions and potions to diets and detoxes.

You’re constantly bombarded with news stories, ads, and social media posts telling you how to optimize your health—but a lot of these sources that pretend to be backed by science have another agenda. Dr. Jen Gunter is here to bust the lies you’re told—and sold—about your health, debunking some of the stickiest myths out there while helping you to understand how your body really works. 



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