If you will periodically be working in the afternoons on Fridays between 9/29/23 - 4/26/24; please sign up for this option on the weeks that you are scheduled to work.

My child has my permission to leave after their AM 5th Day Experience that will end at approximately 10:30 am on the above date, to report to their Work- Based Learning Assignment. 

  • He/she is expected to sign in and out at the high school office when doing so.  

  • I understand that there is some risk of injury to property, bodily injury or death associated with the travel of any kind and I accept the responsibility for my son/daughter’s behavior while off school grounds. Furthermore, I promise not to sue the Board of Education, its members, or any of its personnel on the basis of any claim or damage of any kind whatsoever arising out of actions for which I am granting this permission. 



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