If you like talking about interesting and important ideas with other people then this is the FDE for you. In philosophy lounge we will explore interesting topics, think about what motivates us, and look closely at many assumptions we may hold.

In Philosophy Lounge, you will be expected to...

  • Remain professional and intellectual in your behavior
  • Respect others
  • Contribute to the discussions
  • Be open to new ideas
  • Explore ideas responsibly
  • Challenge the ideas of others
  • Allow others to make mistakes
  • Apologize if you make a mistake

Philosophy Lounge is not...

  • It is not a debate society where the most aggressive point of view wins;
  • It is not to promote or to teach any particular point of view but rather to establish careful thinking as its main goal; all ideas should be welcome but available for scrutiny;
  • It is not responsive to the interests of the adult facilitator but rather centers on the student experience.
  • It is not a political or religious organization that is dedicated to a specific set of beliefs.



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