This is an FDE field trip to America's Packard Museum and Aviation Heritage National Park in Dayton.

Cost:  This event is provided at no cost to all students in attendance.

Lunch:  Boxed lunches will be provided for all students in attendance.

Health:  Students are required to comply with any health regulations put in place by the host organizations.  Masks will be provided if necessary.

Weather:  Students should dress appropriately for the forecasted weather.  We will be outside for lunch (weather permitting).

Join us for a field trip to America's Packard Museum and Aviation National Heritage National Park in Dayton.  We start the day with a guided tour of America's largest collection of Packard automobiles before ending the day at the location of the Wright Brothers' former home and bicycle shop.  Please see the information below for a more detailed overview of the day's events.

8:20am - Bus leaves DRL
9:20am - Arrival at America's Packard Museum
9:30am - Guided tour of museum
10:50am - Depart for Aviation Heritage National Park
11:10am - Arrival at park/lunch
11:30am - Tours of visitor center and Wright Brothers Cycle Shop
12:50pm - Depart for DRL
1:50pm - Arrival at DRL
2:05pm - Afternoon dismissal



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