This Full Day event is for students participating in the 2023-2024 First Robotics season. Students will participate in hands-on activity on the Prototrak K3 KMX Knee Mill and Manual Turning Lathes during the event. This FDE event aims to cross-train and build confidence in operating powered machining equipment for the 2023-2024 First Robotics season. Participants will work in pairs of two alongside a Precision Machining student to help them throughout the day. 

Students should have the following prior knowledge before the day of the event.

  • Machine Shop Safety
  • Prototrak Knee Mill Basics
  • Engine Lathe Basics
  • Introduction to Edge Finders  

Required Supplies

  • Safety Glasses
  • Closed Toe Shoes (Boots Preferred) -  No crocks, sandals, HeyDudes 
  • Long Pants - No Sweat Pants, Yoga Pants, Pajama Pants, Shorts or Skirts
  • Short-Sleeve Shirts - No tank tops, hoodies, or long-sleeve shirts

Note: Participants should be prepared to get dirty. Please do not wear clothing you wish to protect. 



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D. Russel Lee

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