Are you interested in exploring, discussing, and interrogating ideas? Do you like looking at something from different perspectives? Do you like engaging in productive communities that build knowledge together? If so, then come and join us in the Philosophy Lounge. We will provide a great place to explore ideas and topics. One that is supportive, challenging, and open to a shared exploration of what it is to be human.

Philosophy Lounge is grounded in the following ground rules:

  1. All participants must respect one another and their views although it is acceptable and important to challenge views. No one should be made to feel uncomfortable or attacked in any way.
  2. Everyone must be responsible for his or her ideas and welcome supportive questions and challenges from the members.
  3. Everyone should contribute by speaking, listening, and thinking.
  4. Everyone is valued as a leader.

What Philosophy Lounge is not:

  1. It is not a debate society where the most aggressive point of view wins;
  2. It is not to promote or to teach any particular point of view but rather to establish careful thinking as its main goal; all ideas should be welcome but available for scrutiny;
  3. It should be responsive to the interests of the participating students, not simply the adult facilitator.
  4. It is not a political or religious organization that is dedicated to a specific set of beliefs.



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