Starting with the dough and building up from there, all ingredients for your pizza will be prepped from scratch. Put them all together however you like and bake your one of a kind pizza for a great second lunch! NOTE: What to wear and not to wear: -Jeans or khaki full length pants are best ----Sweats, yoga pants and shorts are acceptable but not recommended - Short or long sleeve t-shirts are best -----We will provide a chef jacket and apron to wear over you street clothes - Closed-toed shoes like tennis shoes, boots, loafers, etc. are required -----No flip-flops, sandals or other open-toed shoes will be permitted - Do not wear clothes that are mostly nylon like track pants or wind breakers - Do not wear bulky or baggy tops like fleeces or hoodies - Do not wear anything with drawstrings in the hood




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Fairfield Township (Room C202)

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